[squeak-dev] Selectors with underscores

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Mar 11 21:06:48 UTC 2010

>To my understanding, there is no need of _ in selectors, BUT for
>hooking external procedures.

There are different use cases, three of the most known:
  a) ORM (GLORP, ...)
     Mapping column names (which may have underscores) to methods

  b) External stuff (FFI, C-Mapping)
     Callbacks with the same name as C-functions (with underscores), ...

  c) Mapping of files to methods
     Seaside for instance maps file resources (CSS, images, 
     javascripts, ... who can have underscores in filenames) 
     either external (Apache, ...) or in-image as methods in 
     subclasses of WAFileLibrary

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