[squeak-dev] Release process (Re: Release list: delete or not?)

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 11 23:39:27 UTC 2010

Hi Edgar,

> I follow your schedule, not fear.
> All you put I agree, as I said.
> But if we was serious about modularization we need a different way.

Amen brother, preach it !!!

> I send a first different as usual and only Igor say yes until now.
> We could discuss all step by step.
> I wish 'fork' as few as possible.

I agree too. We do not really need more than one good kernel. The  
question is where is it?

> You think having a two ways process , plain old .cs from some server  
> and
> regular trunk is good or no ?

I am using plain old cs, it is great.

Actually my cs are not quite so plain and old because I have factored  
out the fileIn/fileOut code so as not to be restricted to the existing  
format constraints.

> Because if the answer is yes, I need a procedure which is different  
> as now.

> But 4.2 should be SqueakCore and we could start now for polish all.

Agreed, I think I might have a process you may like. It is like the  
update stream, except you can have more than one stream.


> I think in 9 months have a baby for show you at your satisfaction in  
> Barcelona...
> Cheers and I stick to people consensus.
> Edgar

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