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Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 01:03:43 UTC 2010

On 12 March 2010 01:53, keith <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> The only failure I saw was a failure of the board to have some minimal
> standards of fairness, humility, communication and respect. Pretty sad state
> of affairs "among friends" I think.
> So having identified the failure, if you are so willing to learn how about
> fixing it, at the point of failure? i.e. the Board and its lack of protocol.
> And while we are talking about failures and fairness, whatever happened to
> Squeak 5.0 Spoon etc?
> K.
> I applaud your talent on turning everything to negative plane, leaving
> all positive moments behind.
> Excuse me, you are the one who just called my cool working CI server "a
> failure" how much more negative can you get?
> Identifying the root of the problem is not negative, it is honest.
> I'm sorry, but i can't answer in same manner to you, because i know
> that we all doing a painful mistakes sometimes.
> And people who doing them, deserve to be forgiven.
> You have two things confused here, forgiveness and reconciliation.
> Forgiveness is about me letting go of what I feel you owe me, which is
> nothing, so "you are forgiven" - enjoy. I am no longer reliant on squeak or
> the squeak board for my work, so I have successfully rescued myself from a
> very painful technical predicament that you placed me in, and I am free,
> thanks in the most part to cuis.
> Reconciliation is different, that requires you to actually do something not
> just shrug your shoulders and say it doesn't matter. I offered you (the
> board) the route to restoration, and you steadfastly refuse to take it. That
> is to at least try to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Huh.. Reconciliation you say?
So it is board, who refused to meet with you in order to lower a
tension levels and find a compromise?

> Building your house on sand is never a good idea, so fixing the problem is
> recommended. This is not for my benefit that I suggested you get a
> constitution, it was for yours, so that you can restore yourself form your
> fallen position. The board is still in the same moral gutter that you fell
> into, because you haven't moved. I didn't say that I would not contribute to
> squeak unless it had a genuine constitution for no reason. Squeak the
> community is broken, and will remain broken until you take the first step to
> fix it.

I haven't moved? But who discussed these 'Terms of Reference' with you and then
brought that topic to board first and then to community?
What else you want from me? Join the labor movement to protect your
rights against so-called 'noobs'
and other nerds who not interested in even discussing these terms,
because they think its pointless?

> In my counselling experience, an abuser does not stop being an abuser, by
> being forgiven. If you haven't changed anything then you haven't changed
> anything.

Right. But you forgetting one thing: compromise requires movement from
both sides.
But you prefer to stay and wait, and keep  vocalizing same things over
and over.
Good, then please, don't blame anyone that people prefer to keep
moving, leaving you behind.

> If you think that blaming me helps then fine, but that is like a driver
> blaming a parked car for his accident. I was sitting at home, minding my own
> business, and working on the stuff I said I would work on when this all blew
> up.
> If this type of situation can happen three times, then it can happen a forth
> time and a fifth.

It will happen each time, when you will be sitting at home , minding
your own business,
while people around expecting you to move forward, or at least pay
attention to their needs.
But instead you putting a 'noob' label on everyone, and keep sitting,
marking yourself as the only one
who deserves to decide in what direction and in what way Squeak should evolve.
Or maybe it is board members, who did as much as they can to make sure
that none of your ideas is heard
and understood by community _before_ changing the development process?

> Bert says that being on the board is like being among friends. That is as
> maybe, but when you let politics get in the way of friendship, the
> friendship is either over or it never was. So its time to stop pretending
> that this is about friendships, we had a good crew on irc for the past three
> years, along comes Andreas, a relative outsider to the irc crew, ignores all
> the existing channels, and over-rules. Where was the friendship operating
> there? A friend would have told him to get stuffed, where was he for the
> past 3/4 years, he had not contributed a bean to the community, and even the
> fixes he did contribute was like getting blood out of a stone.
> Being honest it's about agenda's, and a preference for competing and doing
> your own stuff rather than putting the effort in to work with others on
> something.

Again, this bullshit about Andreas.
Please, let the rest from your fantasies.

> Come on how many people have volunteered to help Edgar in his grand schemes?
> If they did that would be actual collaboration. Leadership is about helping
> others to fulfil their visions, not about dictating what the vision is for
> everyone, and scattering the rest to the four winds.
> Andreas has the teleplace adenda, and quite simply he wants control of the
> image, so that it works the way he wants it to. (Btw: How many teleplace
> employees are candidates for the election?, just curious, before its too
> late)

And then they will come to your house and ask you to let them in! Run
before too late.

> My agenda was the opposite - to provide tools that you could make the image
> anything you wanted it to be. One is about control, the other is about
> liberty.

Good and keep stick with that.

> So your answer is no you are not prepared or interested in addressing the
> failure.

The answer will be no as long as you keep offending people who helped
you in the past and
tried to not let your ideas to be forgotten and get killed.

> Keith

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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