[squeak-dev] Re: Selectors with underscores

Ralph Boland rpboland at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 01:07:55 UTC 2010

In the mind of some I did not make myself clear so allow
me to restate my position.
I am FOR supporting the use of  '_'  in
   variable names,
   class names,
   anywhere else where characters a-z,A-Z may be used to construct identifiers.

That said, I will rarely if ever use this feature.
I actually like being able to use  '_' for assignment (drawn as an arrow)
so I don't see the point of removing the use of  '_' for assignment unless
we intend to use it elsewhere.
I am also against compiler flags or other methods of allowing some to use
'_' for assignment or allowing or disallowing  use of  '_' in selectors, etc.

> Until now we have:

> - Torsten
>  - Edgar
> - Bert
>  - Alexander
> - Matthew
> - Keith
> - Igor

> - Ian Trudel
> - Sam

> - Andreas (but vote PRO depend on backwards compatibility
> - Stéphane (votes for scoping)

>  - Louis
> - Randal (vote seem to depend on Preference, which we now have)
> - Radoslav (but would rather ban underscore assignment, than
            underscores in method names)
> - Ralph Boland
> - Nicolas


Ralph Boland

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