[squeak-dev] Cobalt is cool

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 03:45:20 UTC 2010

I just spent an hour and a half on Skype IRC with M. Fulmer and two other
people connecting spaces, looking at models in the spaces, and bombing
around as an avatar. It's one thing to open Croquet or Cobalt on your own.
It's another entirely to leap into somebody else's space. Lots of fun. It
deserves a higher profile. And I look forward to the Trunk and Cobalt
working together. It seems to me the key to Cobalt is joining the Wed. Skype
call, hanging around on the Skype IRC chat, and then asking if anybody wants
to try to sync some spaces. It's good times. I've played so much Halo that
when I saw another avatar, and it was moving, for a split second reached for
targeting controls...

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