[squeak-dev] [ExperimentalCoreRelease] PharoCore-1.0-10508rc2 vs SL3dot11-9499-alpha

Ian Trudel ian.trudel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 05:05:49 UTC 2010

2010/3/11 Edgar J. De Cleene <edgardec2005 at gmail.com>:
> Trunk break when you use it and some choose ignore this and pretend all
> works well.
> If you play fair, the most advanced is Pharo, well done and more beautiful.

That's a very interesting comment from a person who wants to be in the
Squeak release team. It seems like you prefer Pharo and don't want to
deal with the current process. Are you sure you're working on the
right project for you?


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