[squeak-dev] RE: [vwnc] GSoC idea: Brainstorming portal for better community decision process

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 07:54:19 UTC 2010

On 3/11/10 7:51 PM, "Paul Baumann" <paul.baumann at theice.com> wrote:

> Hi Janko,
>>> What do you think?
> Big mistake to ask that... :)
> So "report" is the end goal?
> Consensus doesn't accomplish anything. Many truly great things are not
> understood by a voting majority. A mixture of pride and reward is required to
> get work done. Few would anonymously give away great ideas. Who is going to
> implement a commonly recognized "great" idea that is not their own? Usually
> the quality and results of work lacking incentive are mediocre at best. What
> about the destructive personalities that take pride in destroying good ideas?
> It is those types that love to participate in consensus groups because that is
> how they derive satisfaction. The outcome of what you are proposing would be
> the common (mis)understanding of problems. Consensus doesn't mean that
> understanding is correct. Consensus doesn't mean that what is proposed will
> really accomplish anything. Consensus doesn't get the goals actually achieved.
> Consensus work does little more than mimic what someone else already struggled
> to prove successful--diminishing incentive from people who deserve the credit.
> I've never seen anything good come from a consensus.
> Better to act in an environment that forms a cycle of individual liberty and
> reward. Create a market for change where people can work for reward. Pride is
> the dominant incentive in young markets. Incentive markets originate from
> pride in the hope to establish a market for financial reward.
> "Stalemate"? That means that there is a gatekeeper blocking change or
> destroying incentives. What stops a Linux developer from evolving code?
> Obviously the cost of getting Microsoft to change their code would be a
> disincentive. Smalltalk is between those extremes, but with fewer incentives
> to overcome the cost-of-change. To me, Smalltalk development is about rapid
> evolution. Years ago I stopped caring about releasing code though gatekeepers.
> I expect you'll find many people have already done really great things but are
> not sharing them. That is a market opportunity for someone smart enough to
> develop it.

Get real , not virtual.
These days seems if you lack some if you do not belongs to a tribe
(Facebook, Twitter, etc)
And some wish we have Teleplace instead plain text irc.
Nothing beats meet friends in a bar.
Dan Ingalls have world fame , but until I was lucky enough to share beer and
pizza with he, don't start to know.

Stop to think the world ends in Central Park of New York and the solutions
working for Yorkers work for the rest of us.

Advocatus Diaboli

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