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Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 09:13:09 UTC 2010


I meet Travis when he comes to Smalltalks 2009 , but unlucky don’t share
pizza and beer with he.
Here some old I wish have, give to all opportunity for have the same better.

'From MinimalMorphic of 8 December 2006 [latest update: #7246] on 9 March
2010 at 8:15:47 pm'!

!CompiledMethod methodsFor: 'printing' stamp: 'edc 10/6/2008 09:54'!
 self timeStamp isEmpty ifFalse: [^self timeStamp substrings first]

    ! !

!Utilities class methodsFor: 'identification' stamp: 'edc 10/6/2008 09:58'!
methodsWithInitials: targetInitials inClass: aClass
    "Based on a do-it contributed to the Squeak mailing list by G¦É¬Žran
 Browse methods whose initials (in the time-stamp, as logged to disk) match
the given initials.
 Print out the complete time-stamp table to the Transcript.
 Answer a list of (initials -> count) associations.

CAUTION: It may take several minutes for this to complete."

    "Time millisecondsToRun: [Utilities methodsWithInitials: 'bf']"
    | methodList methodListClass |
    methodList := aClass methodDict select:[:cm|
        cm  author = targetInitials].
    methodListClass := aClass class methodDict select:[:cm| cm  author =
    ! !

What for I wish:
Create a new ChangeSet
Utilities methodsWithInitials: 'edc' inClass: Object . " hacer inspect "
self keysAndValuesDo:[:k :v | ChangeSet current adoptSelector: k forClass: v
methodClass ].

fileout of .image number one .
Filein in .image number two. (SqueakCore)

Run Levente test in .image number two.
If all works , go to trunk.

This model of work satisfy you?


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