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keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 12 16:09:53 UTC 2010

> So I see why you insist that your way would be better, and you may  
> even be right. But I'm also part of this community for a dozen plus  
> years and know it's not going to follow you on a whim. This  
> community is different, for better and worse.

I don't insist that my way will be better. You are confusing many  
things here.


Firstly there is the question of what changes to squeak are possible  
with the trunk method and what changes are not.
My method allowed any changes, the trunk method prevents me (and edgar  
it seems) from participating. I object strongly to this.

If you want to give the community a familiar method then fine, but  
that familiar method will have to be an update stream of changesets.  
If you were to use that familiar method I would be all for it,  
anything but trunk.

In case you didn't realise that was what the bob2 method consisted of  
at the end of the day, conceptually it was a series of changesets,  
that could do anything to any image. MC was used to publish the result  

See, no mention of git bazaar or anything.

2) The second issue is that of respect.

For someone to turn around and say to edgar ".. but you don't have to  
use squeak" is really quite offensive to me, because Edgar is a pillar  
of this community, and so the development methods we use should  
support him not shut him out.

Squeak is not just the image... We had a series of tools, including  
LPF that made squeak a much better place to work, you could install  
things reliably including dependencies. I regularly installed Magma  
Seaside Scriptaculous Magritte and Pier in a one liner.

For someone to come along who doesnt appreciate that squeak had moved  
forward considerably in the period they had been away, and then  
discard all progress, and actually break things for us, is similarly  

Fix the respect issue, and fix the contribution barrier issue and you  
might move forward. It has nothing to do with "my way", my way is just  
a technical way forward I am using to personally extract myself out of  
this mess.



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