[squeak-dev] Regarding Polymorph

Casey Ransberger ron.spengler at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 17:33:30 UTC 2010

I tried for weeks early on to get polymorph working in a trunk image.
I even had it working for awhile, but I failed at what I wanted to do,
namely to find it's essence and do for it what Andreas has done for

When enough Pharoisms had crept in that it was no longer loadable in
Squeak, I tried another approach; just modify the object graph of the
UI directly. For my experiment, (simply installing new buttons in the
system windows) I learned of a couple of interesting gotchas. E.g.
That windows made by toolbuilder behave differently than windows
created the old fashioned way.

Anyway I'll cut to the chase: having gotten to know the Polymorph
codebase a little, I can say that it is full of ugly workarounds for
the shortcomings of the UI in Squeak, and that this explains in part
it's complexity.

I think, as we are Trunk developers, that we can do much better than
Polymorph's bolt-on solution. I think we can get a smaller, more
elegant solution. This is something I'm passionate about, and I plan
to spend some more time exploring in the skinnability department, once
I'm done with 4.0.

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