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keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 12 18:08:11 UTC 2010

> You are promising a lot for someone not into politics. You are also
> taking a lot of time talking about other things that are unrelated to
> Cuis. Not that any of these are wrong. It just makes me think a bit...
> and I have a question for you.
> Why didn't you run for the Board?

Because it would not be ethical.

The purpose of the board is to represent and to liaise and co-ordinate  
with the community. In other words, a world without the board, is  
supposed to made better and nicer place to be in by the fact that the  
board is there. This is because the board is present to ensure that  
the community is represented and people and ideas are treated fairly.  
In a world without the board "charisma", cliques, and historical  
founders, simply override.

The board is not a management committee, which you appoint in order to  
get things done within a specific remit, like putting on an event, or  
producing a release. Our board is there for oversight and co- 
ordination within the community. So you would expect them to co- 
ordinate and oversee, not to dictate.

The fact that you suggest that I run for the board to represent my  
ideas, tells me several things. Firstly it tells me that the board is  
not doing its job, because apparently I now need to be elected to have  
a voice, and to get my way. When in actual fact the board is supposed  
to be there in order to give me a voice, since the board represents  
and liaises with the community and that includes me.

So I should be able to trust the board, that if an issue comes up that  
concerns me, I will not be excluded form the discussion, and I will be  
invited to participate. For example, when this release, "pharo is  
ahead of us" debate that panicked the board last year occurred, I was  
actually on holiday. (In actual fact we were way ahead of pharo in  
many respects at the time, but that is another issue) The fact that I  
didn't engage with this debate, because I felt it was irrelevant and I  
was on holiday and the board had already supported my positon, after  
giving my proposal due consideration, is something I should have been  
able to rely on. The board is supposed to provide more stability to  
the community not less.

You see if an issue comes up, such as how to sort out the next  
release, for example. It is the boards job to gather all that are  
concerned and to make sure that no voice is left unheard, and to make  
a considered decision to the satisfaction of all concerned.

So, if I was to get elected on the basis of wanting to represent my  
own interests, and my own ideas.I would not even vote for myself.


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