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keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 12 18:31:10 UTC 2010

> Why couldn't Bob harvest changes from Mantis so they can be reviewed  
> and
> posted to trunk?

1) Because trunk is a moving target. The principle is that mantis  
needs to manage fixes relative to an actual release. So that you can  
take a production image and fix bits you need to to keep current. If  
you are harvesting fixes from mantis into trunk then you will be  
adjusting the fixes to be appropriate to "trunk" (a moving target).

Bob isnt only about harvesting fixes.

2) If you are the developer of a package that loads in all forks, you  
are supported by the ability to load fixes into the other forks you  
support. The trunk process doesn't care about supporting you to keep  
your package working.

Every change made to trunk is made to trunk only, the implications on  
that change to the packages that you may wish to load is not tested.  
That is what bob was designed to do, to test the whole, and to test  
all derived images.

2) The bob process is intended to be used in regular cycles, to  
generate multiple artifacts, that may then be integrated. Trunk messes  
this up by prolonging the release cycle to years to produce one  

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