[squeak-dev] [ExperimentalCoreRelease] PharoCore-1.0-10508rc2 vs SL3dot11-9499-alpha

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Fri Mar 12 20:31:57 UTC 2010

On Fri, 12 Mar 2010, keith wrote:

>>> ong comes a new process which shuts him out from contributing to squeak, 
>>> as it has me, and we are told...
>> Bullshit.
> Ok, question 1, how do I load MC1.5 into trunk? without breaking it?  I need 
> features of MC1.5.

Try LPF, we integrated all but one fixes which were added by the 3.10.2 
script: http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=7423
(I think you just asked this question to tell me that MC can't load 
itself.) IMHO it's just a question of integration technique. We could 
change lots of "core" classes without breaking the image.

> Question 2, My sources/changes innovation, is going to be produced and 
> managed in an external repository, this is where the the code is going to 
> develop and evolve.
> Trunk doesn't have an integration step, trunk doesn't have a package 
> management solution that manages anything external to trunk. Say I have 3 
> experiments going, for different sources/changes history mechanisms, how does 
> trunk allow me to publish them and provide them as options to users to pick 
> for their image?

Squeaksource, the Inbox, your own repository. If you paste an Installer 
script here, people will load it.

> I can upload a solution to trunk, but only one solution, and then only when 
> it is finished and perfect, but for people like me, my code is never finished 
> and perfect so it will be a while. By the time I have done it, trunk will 
> have moved on and left me behind.

Keep up with the changes, follow discussions. Even though some people 
think that ad-hoc changes are going into the trunk, changes with wide 
range side effects are discussed here before added.
You don't have to load perfect code, but it has to keep working while it's 

> When my solution is loaded into trunk where is the primary repo for managing 
> my code, is it trunk, where anyone could change something? I would rather 
> gather a team of interested people around the repo externally and have it 
> integrated into a release periodically.

We will have an official release until then MCM's are the mini releases. 
And yes, everyone can change your code, it's an open source project.

> "trunk" is conceptually a repository for one monolithic image, and it is not 
> the image I want. If I contribute something it will probably not be the image 
> you want, and the trunk process is very fragile, and only moves forwards.

What's wrong with going forward? How is it fragile?

> When i develop I don't move forwards all the time, it is just not natural.

Do you revert code periodically to avoid going forward all the time or 


> Keith

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