[squeak-dev] Mac carbon VM goes to 4.2.3beta1U

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Sun Mar 14 07:34:56 UTC 2010

In order to wrap up some VM fixes that should be pushed into the Squeak 4.x offering I've compiled up a 4.2.3beta1U VM
This will be the last 4.x series of macintosh VMs as the 5.x series gains support. 

Someone should run the Sunit and smoke test to ensure the VM is sane. 

Follow the macintosh link from http://www.squeakvm.org/index.html

4.2.3b1  		We update to VMMaker 160

			Reference Mantis 7405: Array new: SmallInteger maxVal broken.
			Reference Mantis 7407: BitBlt. Incorrect alpha values for several rules.
			Reference Mantis 7421: Bug in Interpreter>>primitiveNextPut:
			(Various 64bit fixes which don't apply to this 32bit VM)
			Put ObjectiveCPlugin.bundle to 1.1.2
			Removed SparklePlugin because of file copy issues on squeak 4.0 build process. bad sym links

			**** This VM includes some features not in VMMaker yet *****
			(a) primitiveAsyncFileOpen: 64bit 
			(b) explicit declare for primitiveShowHostWindow:
			(c) primitive for microsecond clock
			(f) statGCTime, statFullGCMSecs,statIGCDeltaTime,statIncrGCMSecs go to 64bit for 
				microscecond clock
			(e) primitiveVMParameter changes to pull back 64bit values
			(f) JPEGReaderPlugin, work to make 64bit clean
			(g) primitiveMIDIGetPortName: 64bit fix

			NSCursorWrapper.m	compiler warning cleanup
			sqMacMacmain.m		compiler warning cleanup
			sqMacTime.c			add microsecond clock
			sqmacWIndowUniversal.c compiler warning cleanup

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