[squeak-dev] [Squeak 4.0] Last Call

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 07:08:42 UTC 2010

I have  some questions for Board.

What is the life cycle of 4.0 ?

The people in charge bother for update until the Closures enters to system
as I beg tons of times for 3.10 and of course don't was listen ?

When I could start 4.1 ?

What the schedule for 4.1?
My idea is go to 9371 update and frooze.
Rip all know bugs and try to get green all test.
This is coordination .
All CoreDevelopers should take serious the quality of the release.

Begin to play together if we want win the 2010 Season to the Pharo car !!!

You have the talent and the only way I stop bothering all is when all test
go green and no obscure thing breaks the "car" Squeak 4dot1.image


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