[squeak-dev] Re: [Vm-dev] Re: [Squeak 4.0] RC3 is out

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Sun Mar 14 22:05:00 UTC 2010

At 10:17 PM +0100 3/14/10, Nicolas Cellier apparently wrote:
>2010/3/14 Ken G. Brown <kbrown at mac.com>:
>> Well, I disagree with the decision.
>> You had at least two available starting points, 3.10.2 and 3.10.2-build, -buiild was clearly better and available since June 28, 2009 (before trunk).
>> The fixes and additions to 3.10.2 in -build were clearly documented in the info file on the ftp site, Squeak3.10.2-build/090628-1523/090628-1523_Squeak3.10.2-build.info.
>> And you all are choosing the one that was inferior as a starting point.
>> It's like running a race and intentionally trying for second place.
>> But so be it. The community will have to live with the choice.
>> Ken G. Brown
>Yes, that's an unfortunate waste of time.
>If only it were named 3.10.3, then no doubt it would have been a
>starting point for both trunk and 4.0.
>But 3.10.2-build, what is it ?
>You know very well that it results from task assigned to Keith, not
>really oriented in producing an updated image but an update process.

That I believe is a bit of misinformation.
It was always about producing the tools that automated the repeatable building of updated images, any one of which could be designated a 'release'.

You know very well what the -build was/is. It has been explained over and over again.

>So this 3.10.2-build is just a by-product of Keith's process, a proof
>of concept. Or is it more than that ? the name does not tell...

It was the starter with the minimum stuff added over 3.10.2 necessary for building images, whichever you want.

>The fact that the author retracted any support did not help.
>Sure, that could have evolved differently with better communication.
>Now, it's too late.

It's not too late...yet. Will be soon.

>Trunk is based on 3.10.2, and basing 4.0 another
>starting point will just add un-nexessary complications.
>So what do you suggest, erase trunk efforts?

Make trunk updates load on 3.10.2-build, then base 4.0 on 3.10.2-build call it 3.10.3 if you like.

Ken G. Brown

>> At 12:02 PM -0700 3/14/10, Randal L. Schwartz apparently wrote:
>>> >>>>> "Ken" == Ken G Brown <kbrown at mac.com> writes:
>>>Ken> There were some important fixes in Keith's ftp://ftp.squeak.org/3.11-obsolete/Squeak3.10.2-build/
>>>Ken> image that would most likely be good to get in the 4.0.
>>>In 4.1, yes.  4.0, no.
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