[squeak-dev] [Squeak 4.0] Last Call

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Mon Mar 15 01:35:59 UTC 2010

You might want to reconsider freezing at update 9371.
This is already 310 updates behind the latest when I checked today.
That is: three hundred and ten updates behind. Not version 3.10.

Seems to me like a lot to be behind when doing a release.

Ken G. Brown

At 5:08 AM -0200 3/14/10, Edgar J. De Cleene apparently wrote:
>I have  some questions for Board.
>What is the life cycle of 4.0 ?
>The people in charge bother for update until the Closures enters to system
>as I beg tons of times for 3.10 and of course don't was listen ?
>When I could start 4.1 ?
>What the schedule for 4.1?
>My idea is go to 9371 update and frooze.
>Rip all know bugs and try to get green all test.
>This is coordination .
>All CoreDevelopers should take serious the quality of the release.
>Begin to play together if we want win the 2010 Season to the Pharo car !!!
>You have the talent and the only way I stop bothering all is when all test
>go green and no obscure thing breaks the "car" Squeak 4dot1.image

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