[squeak-dev] Using 3.10.2-build in Release 4.1

Casey Ransberger ron.spengler at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 04:59:28 UTC 2010

The whole point of 4.0 is having a license clean base to deploy trunk
changes into (to be released as 4.1)


The whole point of 4.0 is to have a license clean base to do whatever
else you might want to do with it.

On Sunday, March 14, 2010, Ralph Boland <rpboland at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > >>>>> "Ken" == Ken G Brown <kbrown at mac.com> writes:
>> >
>> >Ken> You had at least two available starting points, 3.10.2 and 3.10.2-build,
>> >Ken> -buiild was clearly better and available since June 28, 2009 (before
>> >Ken> trunk).  The fixes and additions to 3.10.2 in -build were clearly
>> >Ken> documented in the info file on the ftp site,
>> >Ken> Squeak3.10.2-build/090628-1523/090628-1523_Squeak3.10.2-build.info.  And
>>Ken> you all are choosing the one that was inferior as a starting point.
>> >
>> >I think I could find at least a dozen squeak developers here who
>> >would agree with me that if 3.10.2-build was a fixed point, it's
>> >a bad name for a release, and if it was a moving point, it would
>> >be a bad place to start the legal process.
>> >
>> >Had that been released as 3.10.3, or 3.11, your point would have merit.
> I agree that for 4.0  it is too late to use  3.10.2-build.
> However, would it be possible to apply trunk to  3.10.2-build instead of
> 3.10.2  for  4.1?  and thus harvest the value in 3.10.2-build?
> Regards,
> Ralph Boland

Casey Ransberger

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