[squeak-dev] Some notes about SqueakMap dead in trunk images...

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Mon Mar 15 20:26:08 UTC 2010

...I know :)

But so far I am unclear as to why this is so. I have now tested LOTS of 
trunk images backwards and it seems to be broken all the way down to 
7179! Funny thing is - my 3.10.1-7175 image works fine.

And there may be a hint here: The 7175 image can be opened by an old 
3-9-8 VM. But the later 7179 images can NOT be opened due to some kind 
of image format change.

Can that be related to this issue?

Note that you can easily try out an image/VM combo using:

	"SMSqueakMap default reload"

This will try to load the map.xxx.sgz file with the highest number in 
the "sm" directory. The failure is the primitive loading the 
ImageSegment - so it is a bit hard to figure out what is going on here.

We have had issues in this area before on Linux and FreeBSD, later 
kernels. This turned out to be related to buglets in the VM that was 
only discovered when the kernel loaded the Squeak process higher up in 
the virtual OS memory.

Now... I have no idea if this is the same problem popping up again, in 
some shape or form.

regards, Göran

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