[squeak-dev] Purpose of Squeak 4.0

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Tue Mar 16 18:21:21 UTC 2010

At 7:10 PM +0100 3/16/10, Bert Freudenberg apparently wrote:
>On 16.03.2010, at 17:10, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
>>>>>>> "Casey" == Casey Ransberger <ron.spengler at gmail.com> writes:
>> Casey> I hope this helps to clear up any remaining confusion.
>> It won't, because people don't read. :)
>We should have added a big red "report bug" button to the release. When pressed, it would pop a notice "Bug reports are futile for this release. Check out Squeak Trunk or wait for 4.1".
>- Bert -

That would appear to be a pretty good way to reduce the server problems due to the slashdot effect by killing budding interest in the 4.x line.
Nip it right in the bud so to speak.

Ken G. Brown

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