[squeak-dev] 4.1 release tasks

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Thu Mar 18 03:28:56 UTC 2010

Folks -

As stated in the previous message, here is a thread to gather release 
tasks and the time frame in which they should be addressed. I'm taking 
the "4 weeks to release" rather literally below because I want to avoid 
excessive discussions about what we should do with feature x or y. 
Rather, I'm saying let's ship it as it is, get it out quickly, and spend 
our time moving forward from there. With that said, here we go:

[ ] Build a 4.1alpha trunk image
What: We need to re-apply all the changes that went into trunk on top of 
4.0 to create a proper 4.1 alpha. I'm planning to do this by the weekend 
and remove the previous trunk images since they're now obsolete.
Who: Andreas
When: March 20th

[ ] Feature Freeze trunk
What: Feature freeze the trunk. Only fixes for identified issues go in.
Who: All core-devs.
When: March 28th

(this gives us one more week if you have anything that you feel strongly 

[ ] Make tests green
What: Review all the tests on all platform; identify failing tests, make 
them pass or document known failures.
Who: ???
When: April 4th (this is a bit of wishful thinking...)

[ ] Ensure current VMs
What: Ensure that all platforms have current VMs available, with all 
required fixes applied.
Who: VM maintainers
When: April 4th

[ ] Create a 4.1 release repository on source.squeak.org
What: Create a release repository that we can point the release image to 
for subsequent 4.1 maintenance updates.
Who: Any source.squeak.org admin
When: ASAP.

[ ] Identify Mantis bugs that should be in 4.1
What: Categorize bugs that need to be looked at for the 4.1 release 
(does NOT imply fixing the bugs)
Who: Everyone.
When: April 4th.

[ ] Build release candidates
What: Start building release candidates to ensure we have a process. 
Casey probably still has a few make files around.
Who: ???
When: Ongoing.

[ ] Write welcome message, press release
What: Write a welcome message, overview of changes, press release etc.
Who: ???
When: April 4th.

As a time line we get:

- Create 4.1 release repository

March 20th:
- Build a 4.1alpha trunk image

March 28th:
- Feature Freeze
- RC1 build

April 4th:
- Green tests
- Updated VMs
- Mantis bugs organized
- Welcome message, press release
- RC2 build

April 11th:
- All bugs fixed (yeah, right :-)
- RC3 build

April 17th:
- Ship date

This is obviously a tight schedule but if we want to get the puppy out 
in four weeks we need to get schtuff done. I don't think it's 
unreasonable though; all the tasks are doable on their own, we just need 
a few people to step up and pick one they can help with.

   - Andreas

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