[squeak-dev] 4.1 release tasks

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Fri Mar 19 16:37:58 UTC 2010

At 10:24 AM +0100 3/19/10, Bert Freudenberg apparently wrote:
>On 19.03.2010, at 02:31, Ken G. Brown wrote:
>> I think this deserves to be documented as a proposal, as is the normal requirement by the SOB
>OMG. How about you actually *contribute* something to the release instead of wallowing in procedural motions?
>The election has clearly shown that the informal way we operate is generally fine with the community. Every member of the SOB who decided to run was re-elected.
>That's not to say we couldn't establish some formalities but for now as you well know there is no "normal requirement" for anything.
>So, please grab a coffee and test the current trunk image. Add issues to the blocker ticket Alex opened. Or make some test green. Or start writing a nice readme. Or outline a press release. Or indeed anything non-meta, please?
>Have fun.
>- Bert -

Ok, I've set up a simple blog to help the SOB out.


It has an associated email <squeakoversightboard at gmail.com> which I needed in order to create the blog. The email could be set to forward to the SOB members or where ever you would like, although it is not listed on the bog for now. I did not want to post that unless you want to start using it.

I edited email addresses in order to obscure, on the emails I forwarded to the blog as posts since this will be publicly available. Let me know if I've missed any, or if in fact the email addresses should perhaps be left intact, I was unsure what people would like in this case.

If any SOB members would like direct posting access let me know, and I can give you the 'secret' email address for posting, just send an email and the subject becomes the post title, and the message body gets automatically posted at the top. They can be edited afterwards too of course.

For now I've just posted some items that have recently appeared here that would help people to understand how the SOB operates.

If there is anything else that should be added, please let me know. Blogspot blogs are pretty flexible and easy to use. Lot's of features can be enabled but for now I just wanted to get this out for everyone to have a look at.

Ken G. Brown

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