[squeak-dev] changes

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Sat Mar 20 08:37:09 UTC 2010

hello all,
this has probably been asked endlessly, but here goes:
how can i "file out" all of the current changes i have made in Squeak?
situation: screen FULL of minimized workspaces that contain large amounts of working code which needs to find home(s) in the browser... best to print out the stuff and work it out on paper for the time being... 
isn't there a simple way to file out all of the current workspace code? i can do it manually, but it would also be cool to not only file out workspace code, but also all of the changes i have made to base classes at the same time.
as far as changes to base classes: i don't need changes made 24 days ago that have been replaced/and re-changed - am not looking for a "history" of changes - just the current ones.
i would be happy with 1 text file that shows only all of the current changes i have made...
if this is built into Squeak, can someone PLEASE point it out?
or hint at, or spell out how to do it?
Thanks much,


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