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Sat Mar 20 21:24:47 UTC 2010

Em 20-03-2010 17:33, Jerome Peace escreveu:
> Any sufficiently analysed magic is indistinguishable from science. --Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius
> http://www.girlgeniusonline.com
> The web comic is all about mad genius types too fascinated by their own creations and intelligence to pay much attention to what it is doing to the world around them or to get along with their fellow mad geniuses. Won a Hugo.
> (...)
> Yours in hope and service, --Jerome Peace
Dear Jerome,

Most of time this community shows considerable coherence and
equilibrium. Even when times came that people decided to (partially)
part ways and work in new streams derived from squeak peace was kept.
Many of people who decided to participate in new initiatives kept
colaborating with squeak/trunk/etc. Even if my personal position is that
sometimes forks are counter productive, I have to say that despite of
split effort, last year squeak walked a long distance.

Regarding to mr. Ken, I am really impressed on how democratic and
tolerant the board is. No matter what his past contributions were, since
the launch of trunk he has behaved in a way that's completely non
compatible with a civilized community. He launched loads of personal
attacks against board members and to every reasonable answer he replies
with new aggression sometimes even in improper vocabulary. Now it seems
he decided to bring his misbehavior to a new level creating a blog on
behalf of SOB.

I use Fedora in may day to day life. I just imagine what would happen if
I decided to open a blog or something like that on behalf of FLOSS...
how long it would be until lawyers knock at my door... how long it would
take until I receive a "cease & desist" intimation. Same thing about all
other organizations I know. So, treatment given to mr. Ken is quite
smooth and tolerant.

In fact, if something is trying to tear community apart it is the
behavior of mr. Ken and his missives to this forum. Just imagine
yourself as a n00b entering a forum and... BANG!!! a mega load of bull
s__t & personal accusations targeted to key people of the organization
hitting your face. Probably you would be gone to never come back.

I can understand that much of mr. Ken work must be reworked to fit in
new squeak model. But this kind of stuff happens all the time. It
happens even in well established and stable software environments. It
happened when SunOS became Solaris, when Windows XP became Vista, etc...
And it will happen again. It's how things work. Was he provided of good
sense he would select the most important things to refit. Or do like
other people and launch a new "fork" of squeak. Problem is: he was not
able to herd anybody of the community to his side. In great part due to
his behavior.

So, whatever comes out, I'll not pity Mr. Ken. In fact I would be glad
if he was gone for good...

Best regards,


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