[squeak-dev] [Meta] Community

Josh Gargus josh at schwa.ca
Sat Mar 20 21:54:23 UTC 2010

On Mar 20, 2010, at 2:42 PM, Josh Gargus wrote:

>  For instance, my "asshole" post

I feel like I should emphasize that I wasn't calling Ken an asshole.  There are people, often called "griefers", who enjoy causing anger, pain, and frustration for it's own sake... luckily the Squeak community has been free of these (Ken certainly isn't one... he believes that his provocations are helping Squeak).  

My point was that in the absence of actual griefers, we don't need rules about how the board should deal with them.  Andreas was also right to note that we couldn't write anti-griefer laws if we wanted to, since the board has no power of enforcement; all we can do is ignore them.


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