[squeak-dev] 4.1 release tasks

Alexander Lazarević laza at blobworks.com
Sun Mar 21 11:11:40 UTC 2010

          class           |            selector            | result
 BitBltTest               | testAllAlphasRgbAdd            | failure
 BitBltTest               | testAllAlphasRgbMax            | failure
 BitBltTest               | testAllAlphasRgbMin            | failure
 BitBltTest               | testAllAlphasRgbMinInvert      | failure
 BitBltTest               | testAllAlphasRgbMul            | failure
 BitBltTest               | testAllAlphasRgbSub            | failure

> The above 6 are vm bugs, fixed in newer vms.

So I guess it is ok to make them expected failures until the new VMs are

 ClosureCompilerTest      | testDebuggerTempAccess         | failure
 ClosureCompilerTest      | testInjectIntoDecompilations   | failure
 ClosureCompilerTest      | testInjectIntoDecompiledDebugs | failure
 DebuggerUnwindBug        | testUnwindDebuggerWithStep     | failure

> AFAIK the above four are known bugs, Eliot has the fixes, the have to be
integrated sometime.

 LocaleTest               | testIsFontAvailable            | failure

> This is font dependent. We should probably add it to expected failures if
the default font is not Accuny.

 MCChangeNotificationTest | testCoreMethodModified         | failure

> That one is related to system change notifications. If you run this test
alone, it passes.

True. How do we handle this?

 PackageDependencyTest    | testST80                       | failure
 PackageDependencyTest    | testSUnit                      | failure

> These were fixed earlier.

I still get the above

 SMDependencyTest         | test2                          | error

> VM bug, will be fixed in the next vm release.

So it's also ok to make it an expected error

 WorldStateTest           | testDeferredUIQueueTimeout     | failure

> Never seen this failing on windows.

This only fails for me when doing all tests ...

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