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Sun Mar 21 11:25:39 UTC 2010

Alexander Lazarević uploaded a new version of SMBase to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: SMBase-laza.100
Author: laza
Time: 21 March 2010, 12:25:27.455 pm
UUID: 1b522277-9325-da4a-b41b-94645ac25c5d
Ancestors: SMBase-ar.99

Make tests that expect a newer VM as expected failures/errors

=============== Diff against SMBase-ar.99 ===============

Item was changed:
+ ----- Method: SMDependencyTest>>setUp (in category 'running') -----
- ----- Method: SMDependencyTest>>setUp (in category 'as yet unclassified') -----
  	| trivial1rel installed1rel installed2rel tricky2rel conf1 conf2 tricky3rel1 tricky3rel2 tricky1rel seaside httpview kom1 kom2 |
  	map := SMSqueakMap new reload.
  	goranAccount := map newAccount: 'Goran' username: 'Goran' email: 'g at g.com'.
  	"Add a few packages to test with:
  	Tricky1 1
  		Installed1 1
  		Tricky2 1
  	Tricky2 1
  		Installed1 1
  		TrivialToInstall1 1
  		Tricky3 1
  		Installed1 1
  		TrivialToInstall1 1
  		Tricky3 2
  	Tricky3 2
  		TrivialToInstall1 1
  		Installed2 1
  		KomHttpServer 1
  		KomHttpServer 2
  		{'A'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 3}.
  		{'B'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Stable'}. 2}.
  		{'TrivialToInstall1'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  		{'Installed1'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  		{'Installed2'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  		{'AlreadyInstallable1'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  		{'Tricky1'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  		{'Tricky2'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  		{'Tricky3'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 2}.
  		{'Circular1'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  		{'Circular2'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  		{'Circular3'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  		{'Seaside'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  		{'KomHttpServer'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 2}.
  		{'HttpView'. {'Squeak3.6'. 'Squeak3.7'. 'Stable'}. 1}.
  	} do: [:arr | | package |
  			package := SMPackage newIn: map.
  			package name: arr first.
  			arr second do: [:cn | package addCategory: (map categoryWithNameBeginning: cn)].
  			arr third timesRepeat: [package newRelease ].
  			goranAccount addObject: package].
  	trivial1rel := (map packageWithName: 'TrivialToInstall1') lastRelease.
  	trivial1rel publisher: goranAccount.
  	installed1rel := (map packageWithName: 'Installed1') lastRelease.
  	installed1rel publisher: goranAccount; noteInstalled.
  	installed2rel := (map packageWithName: 'Installed2') lastRelease.
  	installed2rel publisher: goranAccount; noteInstalled.
  	((map packageWithName: 'AlreadyInstallable1') lastRelease
  		publisher: goranAccount;
  				addRequiredRelease: installed1rel.
  	"Tricky1 has just a single configuration with one installed and one not installed."
  	tricky1rel := (map packageWithName: 'Tricky1') lastRelease.
  	tricky2rel := (map packageWithName: 'Tricky2') lastRelease.			
  	(tricky1rel publisher: goranAccount; addConfiguration)
  				addRequiredRelease: installed1rel; "already installed"
  				addRequiredRelease: tricky2rel. "not installed"
  	"Tricky2 has two configurations:
  		1: an installed, a trivial one and Tricky3 r1.
  		2: an installed, a trivial one and Tricky3 r2."
  	conf1 := tricky2rel publisher: goranAccount; addConfiguration.
  	conf2 := tricky2rel addConfiguration.
  	tricky3rel1 := (map packageWithName: 'Tricky3') releases first.
  	tricky3rel2 := (map packageWithName: 'Tricky3') lastRelease.
  	tricky3rel1 publisher: goranAccount.
  	tricky3rel2 publisher: goranAccount.
  	conf1 addRequiredRelease: installed1rel; addRequiredRelease: trivial1rel; addRequiredRelease: tricky3rel1.
  	conf2 addRequiredRelease: installed1rel; addRequiredRelease: trivial1rel; addRequiredRelease: tricky3rel2.
  	"Tricky3rel2 has two configurations:
  		1: trivial1
  		2: installed2rel"
  	conf1 := tricky3rel2 publisher: goranAccount; addConfiguration.
  	conf2 := tricky3rel2 addConfiguration.
  	conf1 addRequiredRelease: trivial1rel.
  	conf2 addRequiredRelease: installed2rel.
  	seaside := (map packageWithName: 'Seaside') lastRelease.
  	seaside publisher: goranAccount.
  	httpview := (map packageWithName: 'HttpView') lastRelease.
  	httpview publisher: goranAccount.
  	kom1 := (map packageWithName: 'KomHttpServer') firstRelease.
  	kom1 publisher: goranAccount.
  	kom2 := (map packageWithName: 'KomHttpServer') lastRelease.
  	kom2 publisher: goranAccount.
  	conf1 := seaside addConfiguration.
  	conf2 := httpview addConfiguration.
  	conf1 addRequiredRelease: kom1.
  	conf2 addRequiredRelease: kom2!

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: SMDependencyTest>>expectedFailures (in category 'testing') -----
+ expectedFailures
+ 	"Should be fixed in newer VMs"
+ 	^#(test2)!

Item was changed:
+ ----- Method: SMDependencyTest>>test2 (in category 'testing') -----
- ----- Method: SMDependencyTest>>test2 (in category 'as yet unclassified') -----
  	"Checking construction of model:
  	- verify test for circular dependencies (not allowed)."
  	"Circular1rel has a conf to Circular2rel, which in turn has one back."
  	| circular1rel circular2rel circular3rel |
  	circular1rel := (map packageWithName: 'Circular1') lastRelease.
  	circular2rel := (map packageWithName: 'Circular2') lastRelease.
  	circular3rel := (map packageWithName: 'Circular3') lastRelease.
  	(circular1rel publisher: goranAccount; addConfiguration)
  		addRequiredRelease: circular2rel.
  	(circular2rel publisher: goranAccount; addConfiguration)
  		addRequiredRelease: circular3rel.
  	self should: [
  		(circular3rel publisher: goranAccount; addConfiguration)
  			addRequiredRelease: circular1rel]
  		raise: Error!

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