[squeak-dev] [Ann] [Cuis] Cuis 2.3 released

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Mon Mar 22 19:33:07 UTC 2010

Juan Vuletich wrote:
> A big news, at least for me, is that I added a "Donate" button. So, 
> you have a new way to help me keep developing Cuis.

Oh, and if you don't care about Cuis, but want to express gratitude for 
stuff in Squeak done by me, like the nice anti-aliased fonts, the new 
text editors and 2 rounds of BitBltFixes now in official VMs, you can 
use the same "Donate" button. The same goes for other stuff in my site 
and/or Cuis, like the technique and insights to closure convert Squeak 
images, or the ongoing development of Morphic 3.

Juan Vuletich

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