[squeak-dev] cut and pasting between images

Alexander Lazarević laza at blobworks.com
Tue Mar 23 19:47:40 UTC 2010

Is it like this? http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=7472


On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 20:41, Chris Muller <asqueaker at gmail.com> wrote:

> Has anyone else been having trouble with cut and pasting between
> Squeak images in Linux?
> I've been enduring this pain for about two years now..  It seems to be
> a problem only in Linux, trying to paste text from one Squeak image to
> another strips out various whitespace, including CR's, rendering the
> pasted text very hard to read.
> This problem *seemed* to have gotten fixed about 3 weeks ago, and I've
> been so happy about that.
> But now it seems to be broken again and I have no idea why.
> Has anyone else encountered this problem or otherwise know what the
> solution is?
> Thanks..
>   Chris
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