[squeak-dev] Facelifting the second

Felgentreff Tim tim at nada1.de
Thu Mar 25 23:31:30 UTC 2010

On 24 Mar 2010, at 21:17, Michael Davies wrote:
> - the selected item in a list should have white text on a darkish  
> blue background. At the moment, PluggableListMorph,  
> PluggableTreeMorph, PluggableListMorphOfMany and MenuMorph all  
> highlight the currently selected item differently, which is a  
> regression to where we were a couple of months ago.
> - If you pick up a menu, it has three(!) shadows while you're  
> dragging it.
> - The 'X' button on the menu hasn't been updated, so is still the  
> old one.
> - The menu title being grey makes it look like a non-active window -  
> black text would make it consistent.
> - the "pin" on the menu disappears when you move over it (actually  
> that pin icon looks really un-polished in comparison to the other  
> new icons, hint hint).
> - the decision to "square off" the menu corners means that they look  
> much more different from the Confirmation dialogs than they did  
> previously - it would be better if they started looking more similar  
> instead. Actually I'm not sure the menus look better with square  
> corners when everything else is rounded, including the docking bar  
> menus.
> - with these changes, the standard title font now looks really heavy  
> - have you tried dropping it down to DejaVu Sans size 9?

I uploaded a package with these changes to the inbox.

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