[squeak-dev] The Inbox: Morphic-cmm.390.mcz

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Mar 26 19:28:07 UTC 2010

On 26.03.2010, at 20:00, Chris Muller wrote:
>> That's what you get when you don't clean out the inbox. Morphic-MAD.381 was merged into trunk long ago (15 March 2010, 6:57:34.936 pm according to the source repo history - how's that for precision?) but not removed. Consequently, we now get diffs relative to this ancient version.
>> When you merge something, clean up! Please :)
> Hmm, is the SqueakSource web UI the only way to do this?  Let's just
> count the gestures from the point after having Login, select Projects,
> selected Inbox, and clicked versions.
>  1.  Find the package-version in the list to clean-up.
>  2.  Click "details" (off to the right).

Clicking the file name works as well.

>  3.  Click "Delete Version" (on the left).  Be sure NOT to click
> "Delete Package" or "Delete" (which may actually be "Delete
> Dependencies" but you absolutely cannot tell because Dependencies is
> on the next line, left-justified, looking like a separate command).

No, "move version".

>  4.  Next I suppose the software asks, "Are you sure?"  Click yes.

It presents a list of target repositories for moving.

>  5.  Repeat steps 1-4 for each other package-version to be cleaned up.
> 3 fine-motor gestures PER package-version!  This sort of UI asks the
> user to submit himself to slave-labor just to clean-up something in
> the computer..

If you got an idea for how to make this better ... we need at least an interface for moving out rejected and obsolete versions that were not merged, even if your suggestion below was realized. The interface we got is not ideal, agreed, but for now we still need to use it.

> Could this manual labor be avoidable since Morphic-MAD.381 is part of
> the trunk history, it should be possible to ennumerate the history and
> programmatically delete from the inbox?  If not that, then at least
> checkboxes in the Web-UI next to the items in the list that can then
> be applied the delete command..

Now that's a neat idea ... want to implement? The server code is at



- Bert -

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