[squeak-dev] Re: 603 asCharacter <print it>

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 22:32:41 UTC 2010


I really like the new look with the updated GUI elements and with a
regular menu bar in Squeak 4.1alpha #9832

So I did a retest how Unicode characters are displayed.

Display Unicode symbols broken

I wanted to choose a font from the platform

    Cmd-K (Alt-K) and go to the (equally new) "More (non-portable)
Fonts..." entry

The choice for "More (non-portable) Fonts..." is not available.

Then I did
   TTFileDescription installFamilyNamed: 'Arial'.
as mentioned in the readme file.

The evaluation of
  603 asCharacter

displays a box instead of a Latin Small Letter Open E

After switching to Russian with
  Locale switchToID: (LocaleID isoLanguage: 'ru').

  16r411 asCharacter

is displayed as a box as well. It should be the Cyrillic capital letter Be



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