[squeak-dev] 4.1 status update / trunk feature freeze / release candidate

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Mon Mar 29 01:22:26 UTC 2010

Folks -

In accordance with the proposed release schedule [1] I've created an 
updated trunk image and associated release candidate. Also in accordance 
with the schedule I am declaring a FEATURE FREEZE on the trunk.

What does that mean? It means that for the time until the release only 
identified FIXES should be posted, not additional features. Helping to 
get the release out of the door will reopen the trunk sooner rather than 
later so please help wherever you can.

As a further consequence, I have advanced the status of the image to 
BETA for indicating that we're code complete and have no pending 
features. The trunk image and candidate build are available here:


As always, when you make a build there are some issues that come up, 
here are a two that I'd like to address:

1) How should the final release be called? Currently the naming 
convention is 4.1-<update>-<tag> but that's kinda long and unreadable. I 
would prefer having simply 4.1.1 which then maps to an update number 
implicitly. So the relase would be called Squeak 4.1.1, the image 
Squeak4.1.1.image etc.

2) Should we condense sources for every release? I've kept the 4.0 
sources file for the 4.1 release, but I'm curious what people think 
about always shipping an empty changes file.

Other than that, the next week has a lot of stuff scheduled. I *really* 
need some help here. How you can help you ask?
* Work on making all tests pass
* Identify bugs in Mantis that need to be looked at, add them to [2]
* Resolve those bugs from Mantis (fix, close, whatever)
* Whoever can write proper english, please help with a draft 4.1 welcome 
and press release
* Test, test, test. Load your favorite packages into 4.1, run its tests, 
report any oddities. We have enough time to provide backwards 
compatibility fixes for 3rd party packages
* Bug your VM maintainer to update their VMs to the latest so that we 
have all known VM fixes on all supported platforms
* Build platform installers


[1] The 4.1 release schedule:
[2] The 4.1 bug master list:

   - Andreas

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