[squeak-dev] [Preview] Help System with new model (now also for Squeak)

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Mon Mar 29 15:58:21 UTC 2010

In addition to my post yesterday (see [1] on pharo-dev)
the preview for the restructured help system is now also working in
Squeak (for those who want to try in latest trunk image):

   Installer ss project: 'HelpSystem'; 
        install: 'HelpSystem-Core';
        install: 'HelpSystem-Tests';
        install: 'Squeak-Project-Help';
        install: 'Metacello-Help'. 
 (Smalltalk at: #HelpBrowser) open.

Read more about the details in [1] and for implementation
details read directly in the help systems "Help on Help". 


[1] http://lists.gforge.inria.fr/pipermail/pharo-project/2010-March/024234.html
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