[squeak-dev] Re: plain text file

Baveco, Hans Hans.Baveco at wur.nl
Tue Mar 30 19:43:06 UTC 2010

Don't know... I just want the simple plain kind of file that Squeak used to produce....
I can't check it, but if I remember correctly I used something like:
FileDirectory default forceNewFileNamed: aStringWithCompletePath
to create the file stream, and filled it with the contents of a WriteStream
The resulting file can be opened with notepad etc, and looks OK, but MSWord asks for the encoding, and R (when run from the command line) refuses to open the file.
On Tue, 30 Mar 2010, Baveco, Hans wrote: 

> How do I produce a plain text file that can be read by other programs, 
> e.g. R and MSWord? Do I have to define a specific encoding? How? Files 

Do you need a specific encoding? What about line endings? 

> created from VisualWorks are ok; files produces with default settings 
> from current Squeak (trunk) are not.... 

How are you creating your file? 


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