[squeak-dev] MessageNames: clicking on class names

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at angband.za.org
Wed Mar 31 20:52:11 UTC 2010


I'm not entirely sure how to contribute to the inbox. Well, I know 
enough to commit a change to the inbox :) I mean the social process 
aspect of things. So anyway, feel free to correct me on etiquette and 

I noticed that the new search morph in the docking bar will bring up 
class names as well as selector names. For instance, searching for "obj" 
will show things like "AbstractObjectsAsMethod".

If you hit the browse button on these entries, though, nothing happens.

Tools-fbs.221.mcz allows you to browse the class.

(221 fixes a bug in 220, which otherwise holds the feature. I hadn't 
realised that if your search returns NO hits that MessageNames' 
selectorListIndex instvar would be nil.)


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