[squeak-dev] stdio support

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Tue Nov 2 16:41:49 UTC 2010


yesterday I added Eliot's stdio change set to the Trunk. There are some 
questions left to be answered:

1) Do we want to use CrLfFileStream?
Currently it has only two users in the image, but the class is "patched" 
so #new will return an instance of MultiByteFileStream in those cases. The 
change set overrides this "patch" for the stdio streams.

2) Read buffering: currently it's enabled for the stdio streams. For 
stdout and stderr it doesn't make a difference. For stdin it's a problem 
if these streams should be really shared. For example: if there are 10 
bytes readable from stdin and you evaluate [StandardFileStream stdin 
next], then it will fetch all 10 bytes. If you then evaluate 
[MultiByteFileStream stdin next], then you'll get nothing (nil). If we 
want these streams to be shared like this (accessible via both
MultiByteFileStream and StandardFileStream), then this is a problem.

3) Should we set the line end convention of MultiByteFileStream for these 
streams? It's currently not set.


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