[squeak-dev] Collection's #fold: vs #reduce:

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Tue Nov 2 20:23:42 UTC 2010

Nicolas Cellier wrote:
> I'd say which selector are implemented in Pharo and Cuis ?
> We should better converge.
> Nicolas

Hi folks,

Cuis doesn't include any of them yet. I can add whatever people prefer. 
What I'd do different is the implementation:

fold: aBinaryBlock
    "Evaluate the block with the first two elements of the receiver,
     then with the result of the first evaluation and the next element,
     and so on.  Answer the result of the final evaluation. If the receiver
     is empty, raise an error. If the receiver has a single element, answer
     that element."
    #('if' 'it' 'is' 'to' 'be' 'it' 'is' 'up' 'to' 'me') fold: [:a :b | 
a, ' ', b]
    | noPreviousValue |
    noPreviousValue := Object new.    "something that can't be in the 
    ^self inject: noPreviousValue into: [ :previousValue :each |
        previousValue == noPreviousValue
            ifTrue: [ each ]
            ifFalse: [ aBinaryBlock value: previousValue value: each ]]

This is easier to understand, and it also makes clear the relation 
between #fold: (or #reduce:) and #inject:into: .

Juan Vuletich

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