[squeak-dev] Looking for real-world Magma application

Norberto Manzanos nmanzanos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 03:35:45 UTC 2010

> Meanwhile, can you run this code and tell what is your numbers?
They are really different.

1) Yours: 53704.  Mine: 6615
2) Yours: 116307  Mine: 290471
3) yours: 263306 mine: 648078
Image is Squeak 3.9. Are you testing with 4.1 or Pharo?
Anyway, these are acceptable numbers too.
I think the objects you are adding are excesively simple.
I have just tried with  objects a little more complex, but results were good
I don't know what to think. There's nothing really different between these
tests and my real-world objects.
I'll try to isolate the problem and test it again.


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