[squeak-dev] [Ann][Cuis] Cuis 2.8 released

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Thu Nov 4 15:15:40 UTC 2010

Hi Folks,

Cuis 2.8 is available at www.jvuletich.org/Cuis/Index.html .

New in Cuis 2.8:
- Fixes to Character sorting and testing methods, to honor ISO-8859-15 
- Better conversion to/from UTF-8
- Faster startup (forked DateAndTime class>>startup)
- Honor quit signals from the OS (from Squeak)
- #findBinary:do:ifNone: and #findBinaryIndex:do:ifNone: in 
- PointerTracingTools by Matthew Fulmer
- Many recent tweaks from Squeak
- Tweaks to blinking cursors
- Tweaks to LayoutSpecs and PluggableMorphs
- Tweaks to Editors

I also tweaked the web page, so take a look!

Juan Vuletich

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