[squeak-dev] [Ann][Cuis] Cuis 2.8 released

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Fri Nov 5 13:19:30 UTC 2010

Hi Enrico,

Enrico Spinielli wrote:
> Hi Juan,
> I am trying Cuis 2.8 with Teleplace VM 1.0.15 from Aug 18 2010 on MS Windows.
> I tried Alt-<arrow keys> to navigate to different workspaces but I do
> not see it working...
> It seems also Alt-b to open a browser does not work ... so maybe there
> is something
> wrong on my machine (but Squeak latest Trunk with the same VM is ok)
> Any feedback is welcome.
> Bye
> Enrico

There is nothing wrong with your machine. To navigate windows, now you 
need to use Ctrl-Alt-<arrows>. I changed this because I changed 
Alt-<arrows> to control the text cursor as the Mac does (The knwon as 
'Alt' in Windows is called 'Command' on the Mac).

WRT Alt-b, Cuis does not include desktop keystrokes. Alt-b and others 
work as usual on text windows.

Juan Vuletich

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