[squeak-dev] [Ann][Cuis] Cuis 2.8 released

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Sun Nov 7 02:01:24 UTC 2010

Hi Casey,

Before getting into details; Wow, I love your stuff! It will be 
integrated in next version.

Casey Ransberger wrote:
> I've been playing with Cuis. I like it. As the community has agreed 
> that the core of Squeak should look a lot like Cuis, I figured I 
> should pay some attention to it.
> Cuis has two rather serious deal-breakers for me. First, 
> the retro SystemWindow icons feel dated, and make it hard for me to 
> sell Cuis to people in my local software community (which is a shame, 
> because in a lot of ways, it's an idealized Smalltalk.) Second, I find 
> the (neon green) text highlight color jarring (perhaps this is just a 
> personal preference, but maybe other people will have the same 
> experience, I'm not sure.)
> So I replaced the system window icons with the ones from Squeak (also 
> removed the faux-3d borders,) and replaced the text highlighting color 
> with something a little more mainstream. I didn't bring 
> over SystemWindowButton, though; if you hover over or click and hold 
> on one of the icons, you'll be able to see the difference. It might be 
> better to actually use SystemWindowButtons for this, but I figured for 
> a first stab, I wouldn't, in part because adding a class to Cuis is 
> something that only makes sense when a *lot* of people want it.

I really like your changes. And I really prefer the updated look. Now, 
menus also need the new close icon, if you want to add it too :)

Cuis welcomes contributions and suggestions, especially if they ease 
adoption without adding too much complexity. Also, I just took a look at 
SystemWindowButton, and it is rather simple, so I wouldn't mind adding 
it if that helps adoption.

> I'd like to say: we really should get the focus keyboard shortcuts 
> moved into the Trunk when they stabilize (I've seen a couple of 
> debuggers pop while changing focus from the keyboard in 2.9, but I 
> have no repro yet: more on this when I find the bug.)

If you can't reproduce the bug but you can send me a SqueakDebug.log 
I'll look at it.

> I will also eat some of my words here: the way the Cuis editors deal 
> with the CR/LF fiasco visually not only makes a total sense, but is 
> also IMHO better than what we have in Squeak; that said, Juan: can we 
> have different indicators for for CR and LF? Showing LF on the next 
> line *works,* but I think that a different glyph (in addition to 
> displaying it on the next line) would really make things less 
> confusing. What do you think?

I agree with you. a different glyph would be better. I'll work on that.

> Please find attached my little modifications: I bet some other folks 
> will prefer the feel of the system this way. This itsy bitsy bit of 
> bits (mostly stuff ripped from Squeak Trunk) is (of course) available 
> under the MIT license.
> Note that you need to open a new window to see the new icons; no 
> provision has been made for changing the icons of existing windows 
> (which is probably totally doable, but seemed like a pain.)
> It's just a little touch. Enjoy, if you're so inclined:)
>  - C

Thank you!

Juan Vuletich

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