[squeak-dev] Re: [Vm-dev] RoarVM: The Manycore SqueakVM

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Sun Nov 7 17:58:23 UTC 2010

Hi all!

Indeed interesting times.

On 11/06/2010 08:30 PM, Stefan Marr wrote:
> I agree, that is a very low-level programming model, but that is the right foundation
> for us to experiment with ideas like Ly and Sly.
> Ly aims to be a language in which you program by embracing non-determenism and the goal is to
> find ways to benefit from the parallelism and the natural non-determinism of the system.

> As Igor pointed out, if you want performance, you will avoid shared mutable state. The solution for such a counter would be to have local counters, and you synchronize only to get a global sum and only when it is really really necessary. But the optimal solution is very application specific.

I am quite interested in the current crop of NoSQL databases and for 
example Riak - being my current "favorite" in that arena - has a 
map/reduce mechanism for doing lots of its parallell magic.

So it would be interesting to craft a "map/reduce" system in Squeak 
utilizing regular Smalltalk processes. Sure, you would need to know what 
the heck you are doing - but hey, I think that will be the general case 
for a few years to come until "magical languages" takes care of a lot of 
this for us.

And yeah, Igor's atomic stuff couldn't be more timely, right? :)

> A brief description of what I am up to can be found here: http://soft.vub.ac.be/~smarr/2010/07/doctoral-symposium-at-splash-2010/
> Or even more fluffy here: http://soft.vub.ac.be/~smarr/2010/08/poster-at-splash10/

Will try to read between diaper changes. :)

regards, Göran

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