[squeak-dev] [ANN] DesignInfo on SqueakSource

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Nov 11 10:28:15 UTC 2010

Hi Hannes,

>Does the graph show up in a SystemWindow? It would be nice if it does.

beside opening a morph in the world using #openInWorld you can
also use #openInWindow in Morphic to put a window around a morph.

Example for design info:

info := #('HelpSystem' 'Kernel') collect: [:each | DesignInfo packageNamed: each].
(DesignInfo linesOfCodeMorph: info) openInWindow setLabel: 'Compare'

>I'd like us  add a reference to your code in the help menu (probably
>in a new workspace) so that people can get some 'architecture'
>information --- we need to add some text.

What does LOC (lines of code) really say about the architecture of
a system or package? IMHO nothing really usefull.

If you want to analyze your Smalltalk program just use Moose:


It contains better visualizations like system complexity and others.
Just read the moose book:


Have fun

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