[squeak-dev] Back to te Future, Smalltalks 2011 lives in our hearts

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 08:40:35 UTC 2010

I wish John was here.
So he could write a best Trip Report.
This year we lucky enough to have several researches sowing , sharing,
teaching , talking to us (See http://www.fast.org.ar/)
Picking a name or a presentation is out of my skills.
I have some issues here, so should retuirn early and lost the last hours and
the excursion on the river Uruguay.

If was forced to choose, my moments to pick was

The face to face talk with Elliot and with Martin is a treasure i keep long
The re meet with old friends.
The Juan demo of his next work living on his own computer for now!!


Leandro, Valeria, Andres, Gabriela, Emilio, gracias pos ser tan locos como
para hacer esto


The bad news.
Teleplace could lost a famed Smalltalker and we Argentinians could win a
talented guitar player , solo or  with a amazing Dueto .
I should work very, very hard for keep the pace and pay all i get this days

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