AW: [squeak-dev] The Trunk: Graphics-mt.152.mcz

Juan Vuletich juan at
Tue Nov 16 13:37:12 UTC 2010

Hi Marcel,

Marcel Taeumel wrote:
> seems that it actually IS the first place in BitBlt where the
> correct combination rule needs to be chosen to render the font.
> I will put a fix for this in the inbox.
> I did not notice that bug because I needed to avoid that #rgbMul override in
> another project, where the correct combination rule was set in another
> place.
> Sorry for that. =)
> Marcel

Just saw your new fix in Graphics-mt.157 . This is much better! It is 
still not perfect, though. If you only use blend even for opaque colors 
(and not rgbMul) you'll see that the anti-aliasing is not subpixel 
rendered anymore... Maybe some tweaking of the colormaps could fix this.

Juan Vuletich

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