[squeak-dev] New Tutorial on Events in Squeak, Pharo and Cuis

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 18:36:13 UTC 2010

That was a very useful tutorial and it has increased my knowledge about
event management in Squeak. There's an interesting kind of Catch-22 about
this kind of learning: you need to look at it once clearly; and then you
spend the rest of your career avoiding it. It's sort of like Assembly.

The mean age of those selectors is the year 2000. In the decade since then
abstractions have risen over these details. Tweak has events attached to
instvars to handle dependency. Etoys has scripting tiles that can be used
productively with StackMorph to create HyperCard. (If you don't like
HyperCard, I think the scripting tools in Etoys could be used quite
powerfully for things not linked to education.) The last ten years has seen
abstractions for scripting or UI developments that would pull me away from
actually developing in the manner of the tutorial.

If more tutorials like this are made, I'll work through them. But I don't
think I'll develop that way.

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