[squeak-dev] OSX squeak crash: maximal size of image?

Michal michal-list at auf.net
Sun Nov 21 13:17:30 UTC 2010

>> I am on OSX with 4G RAM, squakVM 4.2.4b1, squeak 4.2b -- is there a
>> hard limit on the size of the image? Is there a way for me to get
>> beyond that limit?
> Edit the Info.plist inside of the VM.
> SqueakMaxHeapSize is set to 512 MiB by default. 
> I'd be interested in hearing how much bigger you can make this

In my experiments, the biggest value that SqueakMaxHeapSize will
accept is 1880000000. Anything above that will cause the OSX VM to
crash on startup. 

Again, I would be very interested to hear ways around this, if any,
since all of our images here have now reached the 1.5-1.8G range and
cannot grow anymore.


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