[squeak-dev] erased image file

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Tue Nov 23 18:40:26 UTC 2010

On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 11:12:02AM -0700, Ralph Boland wrote:
> I accidentally erased a Squeak 3.10.2 image file on my Linux (Ubuntu
> 10.04) system
> but still have the changes for it and also 2 day older image/changes
> files for the same project.   It there a way to use the 2 day older image
> file and load the changes from the up to date changes file?

Yes in fact you can do this. Do it in a temp directory with a copy of
your files of course, but if you rename the up-to-date changes file to
match the name of the two day old image file, you can use them together
with no problem. The changes toward the end of the file will have no
references from the image, but this is harmless other than wasting
a bit of disk space.

Once you have opened the old image this way, you can open the missing
 world->changes...->recent log file...

Select the snapshot from two days ago, and you'll get all the changes
appearing in a window. Work your way through them, filing in the things
you want and skipping over the doIts and other cruft. It is a pain to
go through it, but you will not have lost anything.

Note, if you are handy with Linux tools and editors, you can also do
this by just chopping out that last few thousand lines of the good
changes file into a smaller file, and working with that directly.
That's what I usually do, but the method described above will work
fine, and you will not need to fuss with text editors and the like.

> And please don't lecture me on filing out my code.  I do file out my
> code.  I last did so, well, two days ago.

Don't be rediculous, who among us hasn't done this once or twice ;-)


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