[squeak-dev] Re: objective C FFI plugin?

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 13:59:38 UTC 2010

I think that will change in the future... I mean, the ObjectiveCBridge 
can benefict for using Alien callbacks (non-semaphore based)... but 
yes, there are an "almost" working pluging. The unique serious problem, 
a scheduler error caused by  the callback logic, was fixed a couple of 
weeks ago, but not-yet integrated to any released vm, because I'm still 
learning to make the vms and to integrate changes :)
In the mean time, I think the most complex example (And I don't know if 
it can be seen as an "example" because of it's complexity) is Mars 
itself, take a look at http://squeaksource.com/Mars (btw, Mars is made 
to work with Pharo, I don't know if it is working on squeak right 
now... althought the plugin should work)


On 2010-11-24 00:43:06 -0300, John M McIntosh 
<johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com> said:

> Esteban is perhaps one of the experts in it use. Yes it can be used on
> iOS and os-x devices.
> It takes clues from other bridges done for smalltalk and from things
> like f-script and python and ruby.
> It allows reentry callbacks so you can trigger smalltalk methods from
> objective-C messages sends.
> On 2010-11-23, at 6:17 PM, Lawson English wrote:
>> rummaging around in the .app package, I noticed what appears to be an
> objective c bridge for squeak. Is this meant for general use cocoa
> libs/ObjC, and if so, is there a good example of how to use it?
>> Thanks.
>> Lawson

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